Hypha is made for Innovators

Innovation and R&D Teams

  • Organise and map your strategy, trends, insights, ideas, concepts, innovation projects and knowledge in one unified space

  • View your innovation pipeline, align it with strategy and identify gaps

  • Generate well-considered, high-quality ideas

  • Make holistic, portfolio-based decisions on which ideas, concepts and projects to pursue

  • Enhance innovation performance

Trends & Insights Teams

  • Collate trend signals and observations from internal and external sources in one unified space

  • Ideate and develop mega trends and insights

  • Map trends and insights with your personas, user journeys, brands and strategies

  • Craft messages with meaning and purpose

  • Define product and brand directions for the future

  • Make holistic decisions

Case Studies

Europe’s Food Innovation Network

The objective:

To manage an extensive portfolio of food innovation projects and ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

The result:

Seamless and successful integration of 240 projects and 1,600 elements onto the platform. Providing easy access to multiple streams of information.

furniture case study

Global Furniture Brand

The objective:

To showcase innovative product concepts that drive future enterprise growth.

The result:

Design and Product Innovation teams use Hypha to put product concepts into context. Hypha connects them with categories, situations, key moments, personas and user journeys.

12,000 views with average engagement time of 9 minutes.

Top 10 Insurer
in Latin America

The objective:

To gather, map, cluster and make sense of trend signals with the intention of driving product innovation for growth.

The result:

Helping teams to locate trends and insights, creating new opportunities for innovation.

More than 900 users have identified over 10,000 trend signals.


World’s Largest Brewer

The objective:

To build a beer knowledge centre for marketeers that would drive growth-driven campaigns and build a culture of beer across the organisation.

The result:

Connecting technical, marketing and user perspectives into meaningful, shared knowledge.

Over 1,000 active users of the platform across the globe.

Animal Disease Control Research Consortium

The objective:

To highlight gaps in knowledge and capabilities. Focus research activities on areas that address those gaps.

The result:

Essential support for ideation and collaboration. Creating new opportunities for innovation.

Thousands of users with a high engagement rate.

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