Hyphas Story And Mission

Hypha's story and vision

Our team has been making innovation happen for over 20 years. We’ve worked many global enterprises.
We discovered common problems.
Blocking innovation projects.
Preventing people from collaborating.
Wasting resources and frustrating teams.
We couldn’t find a ready-made solution to the problem.
So we decided to do it ourselves.

We were inspired by the way a forest works.
Trees share resources and knowledge for the benefit of all.
They use a network of underground filaments called hyphae. Hypha was born from this seed of inspiration.
With a mission to unlock the power of innovation within teams, businesses and communities.
Providing real world solutions to real world problems.



Kindness is showing compassion to everyone and everything.
Treating others with dignity and respect.
This does not mean agreeing to everything or people pleasing,
Or always being submissive to demands,
Or not being firm when needed.
Kindness might sound simple.
That’s because it is.
And we’ve found it makes a huge difference.




Poet John Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”
For us, truth is making beautiful things.
Through a simple, honest, straightforward approach,
Hypha empowers the creative process.
As we strive to find ways of working that support everyone,
By creating a space where diversity and variety can be seen clearly
Giving ideas the opportunity to shine.




We’re passionate about sustainable progress.
This means being committed to progress that is considered and measured.
We’re always thinking about ways in which we can support people,
By being better than we were yesterday, Through intelligent and smart use of innovation, We’re always moving towards a better future and outcome.
We’re never stagnant. We work with challenges. Inspired by our passion for learning and making ideas a reality.

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Executive Chairman