"Everything in one place" "Facilitates our decision making" "Enables real-time interaction" "Makes it easier to capture, share and analyse" "We work in a more agile and efficient manner"


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Custom Workspaces

Enjoy dedicated spaces for each team, with unique content, structure, and users for added flexibility.

Smart Add

Easily add new information to the right place. Hypha suggests tags and links to help you correctly enrich and organise content.


Ready-to-use Frameworks

Integrate proven sense-making frameworks in your thinking, such as Innovation SpaceTM, FORCEmappingTM, and more. Or bring in your own standardised framework. 

Shared Whiteboard

Collaborate on a real-time whiteboard, organising thoughts and content without copy-pasting.


Find Similar

Discover related ideas or projects to avoid redundancy, learn from others and build on work already done.


Generate innovative solutions to problems by engaging with diverse teams across the ecosystem. Create high quality ideas from the start.


Smart Summary

Identify key ideas, understand better, save time. Hypha summarises the information for you.

Strategy-driven Portfolios

Keep an eye on your projects. See how they align with your strategy. Find gaps. Spot opportunities.


Smart Assist

Build compelling ideas and propositions. Hypha helps you complete, edit, rewrite and generate content, all within the app.

What makes Hypha different?


The current problem with innovation is that it focuses on execution and overlooks the root of action –

the thinking process.

With Hypha you’ll find the right approach for you.

One that thrives on balance and working together.

By bringing essential knowledge and people together in one place,

Hypha looks at innovation from a holistic perspective. 

It enables small teams and global enterprises to create transformative opportunities

that drive real impact, productivity and gain.

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