Gather, organise and connect all the elements needed for innovation in one space

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Easily launch and run innovation challenges that result in high-quality ideas

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Quickly capture and share trends, signals and insights with the team

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Collaborate and ideate in real-time using an engaging, digital whiteboard

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Spot gaps, and discover opportunities with creative visualisations

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The end result: Seamless, quick and impactful innovation.

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What makes Hypha different?


The current problem with innovation is that it focuses on execution and overlooks the root of action –

the thinking process.

With Hypha you’ll find the right approach for you.

One that thrives on balance and working together.

By bringing essential knowledge and people together in one place,

Hypha looks at innovation from a holistic perspective. 

It enables small teams and global enterprises to create transformative opportunities

that drive real impact, productivity and gain.

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