Enable your teams to map, organise and connect their knowledge and insights

Hypha provides an easy to use cloud app for collective team intelligence through a simple and engaging interface.

Hypha uses the key concepts your team works with everyday, and enables project assets to be broken down into these meaningful elements.

This knowledge easy to find and reuse across multiple projects, teams and timeframes.



  • Clustering Boards

    Use our simple collaboration board to help cluster and organise project thinking

  • Real-time collaboration

    Collaborate and talk with your team in real-time, wherever they are

  • Intelligence feed (soon)

    Let Hypha do the work for you. Coming soon.

  • Single Sign-On

    We will integrate to your SSO for ease of access

  • Smart Assistant

    Smart Tagging Assistant makes it quick and easy to link objects

  • Browser Extension

    Quickly add content and link objects from your browser

  • Rich content templates

    Our content templates make it easy to add concepts and help ensure consistency and connectedness

  • Filter by type, tag or relationship

    Find content easily

  • Custom branding

    Brand and customise Hypha as an extension of your process

  • Custom views and API

    Knowledge mapping, object views, content seeding

  • Secure & cloud-based

    Rapid deployment

Hypha implementation

4 simple steps, in weeks not months

  • 1

    your world

    Hypha will work closely with your core team to understand how your business thinks

  • 2

    Build your
    graph model

    Build your unique graph that describes the way things that matter to you connect

  • 3

    and brand

    Break apart seed content, add it to your Hypha graph and link it all up, ready for more

  • 4

    and grow

    Engage your broader team with your Hypha graph, evolving and expanding as you go

Connect the dots. Accelerate innovation.

Learn how Hypha can help your team