Embrace the forest way of working – be open, accessible, diverse, interconnected and adaptive

Hypha believes companies and communities must think and behave like forests. We created a set of guidelines that can be broadly applied in business innovation and strategy.

At Hypha we believe companies and communities must think and behave like forests. They are complex organisms full of diverse entities, they are interconnected and constantly evolving, and they all share a common goal.

This is why we created the Forest Thinking Manifesto. A set of guidelines that can be broadly applied in the business world. From the individual, to the team or the entire organisation.

A Forest Thinking company is…


Creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us. Everyone in an organisation has the power to innovate and plant new ideas into the forest. Be open and give everyone a voice, from the intern to the CEO.


You can easily get lost in a forest, so it’s crucial to map your knowledge and help your teams explore it, understand it and contribute to it as it grows.

Universally diverse

We all share the same universal goal while being uniquely different. Encouraging diversity in teams and thinking brings new perspectives and drives innovation.


Solutions often come from unexpected places. Making sure all your teams are interconnected will allow for those sparks to happen. Be pragmatic, break the silos and connect (the dots) with purpose.


The world never stops moving and businesses need to understand that adaptation and transformation is necessary to respond to the ever changing environment.


Symbiosis is a powerful force in nature and in business. Companies must embrace cross-disciplinary approaches where different teams and skills come together to solve specific problems.


See the wood and the trees. You can get a better understanding when you can see the forest from multiple lenses, and understand everyone’s role and impact in the ecosystem.


You can’t be fully prepared for the future. But building a collective intelligence from past experiences is the best way to face the future.