How we think

Forest Thinking Manifesto

We believe companies and communities should think and behave like forests. They are complex organisms full of diverse entities, they are interconnected and constantly evolving, and they all share a common goal.

  • Always open

    Everyone has the power to bring new ideas into the forest. From the intern to the CEO.

  • Universally diverse

    Huge variety of organisms with a shared understanding

  • Constant evolution

    Embrace the constant change and evolution. Nurture the future.

  • Functional connection

    Be pragmatic, break the silos and connect (the dots) with purpose.

  • Mutualism

    Think holistically and encourage cross-pollination

  • Future memory

    Prepare for the future by building a collective intelligence from what we've learned

  • Accessible path

    Make knowledge accessible, give people a map and provide landmarks to avoid getting lost.

  • Bird and bug view

    See the wood and the trees. Empathy and context are key.

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