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Hypha helps make ideas happen. It connects your knowledge and insight on one platform, providing easy access to everything you need to innovate.


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Innovation matters.

It’s the most important factor in driving growth.

With Hypha you can unlock more efficient ways of working and create lasting change.


Tailored to your needs, Hypha is user-friendly with an on-boarding system that makes it easy to collaborate. We provide customer support for every step of the journey.


Providing a secure and scalable platform that allows you to see innovation opportunities, align with strategy and visualise the impact.


Hypha is the home of seamless and efficient innovation. It dramatically reduces hours spent locating resources. Average time saved: 50 hours per month per user.

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Implementing Hypha


Hypha adapts to how your business thinks, and sits on top of your existing platforms



Hypha will then find the relevant knowledge and will bring it to the surface



Helping you find, connect and share knowledge, ideas and insights

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Integration engine

Instant access to your Internal Knowledge.

Provding a holistic view of reports, documents, brands, resources, projects, challenges, frameworks, products and strategy.

How it works-Insights engine

Insights engine

Harnessing the power of innovation intelligence to create a platform that provides perspective.

The result is a space where you can fill in the gaps and create opportunities that have lasting impact.

Work well together


Our API layer integrates with your internal and external knowledge stores and systems, ensuring you get more value from your investments.

The software provides deep-linking and app-level integration.

Hypha can integrate with Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, GSuite, Dropbox, Box, Confluence, Slack and other enterprise platforms.

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