Teams all over the world use Hypha to work well together

Hypha enables Innovation, Research and Marketing teams to map, organise and connect knowledge through innovation intelligence.

What Hypha can do for you?

Support your team as you create new ideas, collaborate, analyse trends, unify knowledge and manage innovation portfolios.

Bring together organisation silos.

Add value to teams across enterprise functions. Hypha works with Innovation, Design, R&D, Brand Marketing, Strategy, Customer Experience, Insights, Data, Analytics and Commercial functions.

Unify knowledge across application areas, such as Trends, Brand & Consumer Insights, Competitive Intelligence, Ideation & Collaboration, Innovation Challenges, Project & Portfolio Management, Strategy, Risk and CSR.

Provide a holistic perspective that will help you to innovate and grow.

Unify internal resources with external knowledge such as patents, product launches, competitors funded projects and start-ups.

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